When The Photographer Becomes the Bride

      Why I’m Having An Unplugged Ceremony


      As a photographer there are moments throughout the day that are that extra bit special for a couple. Two of these extra special moments are the aisle walk when the bride makes her arrival and when the couple leave as husband and wife.

      These are moments that can’t be redone and these moments are sometimes harder to capture than you would imagine with the invention of the camera phone. I know everything wants a pic for themselves to remember the day but when the aisle walks are full of phones it really does spoil that image for a couple. They want to see you cheer, applaud, smile, be in the moment not in your phone.

      So this is why we have chosen to have an unplugged ceremony for our day. We want to see those smiles and happy faces as we walk down the aisle as husband & wife!

      I would encourage all couples to do this and get those fab pics with all your guests sharing the memory with you. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the day to for guests to capture their own memories of such a happy occasion.

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