When the Photographer Becomes The Bride

July 12, 2019

When the Photographer Becomes The Bride

I have really meant to write this blog post sooner but wedding season is upon us and it’s been a very busy start to summer. Add in the the kids being off school this is one busy household. So what do we decide to do, organize a wedding within 14 weeks!! The wedding photographer becomes the Bride…

Yes, I am getting married!!! I’ve become the bride. There was no big engagement but talking one day we decided will we just get married. We have done the baby part and thought let’s just do it. So we got to planning. The first thing we did was set the date. I looked at my diary and with not a lot of weekends free, we decided on a Monday.

Then it was the hard part, choosing what type of wedding we wanted and where to have it. Initially we thought that we would just go to the local registry office with close family. Then have a big party later that day but when we worked out the costs involved it was as much as a full wedding. This brought us to the decision of choosing a venue that we could have the whole day in one place. As a photographer, I have been to many venues and one of my favourites is Farnham Estate, Cavan and they have fantastic packages available for your big day. However, in the Republic of Ireland you need to give three months notice of marriage so it just didn’t work on our timescale.

It was back to the drawing board but to us there was only one other venue that would mean something to us as a couple. Galgorm Golf & Spa Resort is were I realised last summer that I was pregnant with Joe! We had went for a spa break and after an amazing day relaxing in the spa we went for a meal, I couldn’t even finish the meal before I felt tired and was in bed for 8pm. Having been pregnant before, I had my suspicions that this was the reason. Sure enough I got a test when we got home and now nearly a year later we have our 16 week old baby, boy.

I was delighted when Karen from the resort got back to me and said they had the Ghost House available and the Four Seasons suite both rooms that I wanted. So the date was booked, the celebrant arranged. Our notice of marriage has been handed in. Around 60 guests consisting of close family & friends will celebrate with us and the day will certainly be a little different.

So on Monday 26th August 2019 I will become Mrs Wright!!! And the girls are super excited to be our little bridesmaids! Joe is excited too he just can’t say lol

I will blog more soon (promise) about the amazing vendors that our helping me put my our special day together!

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