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Why Have A Wedding Album?

There’s no denying it; wedding albums are gorgeous and show off the day’s events in an elegant way that will make you (and even your guests) feel warm and fuzzy about your big day for years to come.

Wedding photography has evolved from the days of Kodak Instamatics to smartphone technology, but one tradition remains the same—the wedding album.

Wedding Albums Preserve Your Memories In A Tangible Way

In this day and age, society as a whole stores its memories digitally, for people typically use their smartphone to snap a picture and upload it to social media before then deleting it from their phone. Even though we’re able to create memories in new ways, what are we actually doing with those memories? They’re simply intangible ghosts on our devices. A wedding album preserves your memories for you to look back on for years.

It Stands the Test of Time

It’s true that people are more likely to share their photos on social media than in an album. But when you’re looking back at your wedding day years later, you’ll be glad you picked the classic album. It will stand the test of time as well as your memories. An album is also the most tangible way of preserving all those special moments and it won’t get lost in the black hole of the internet.

Wedding Albums Tell A Story

An album is more than simply a place to store pictures. It’s also a way for your guests and family members to see your happy memories together. As a couple, you’ll also be able to revisit some of your favorite moments from your wedding day through your wedding album. You’ll be able to recall not only how you felt, but also what others were doing. You can also share your excitement with your friends and family who couldn’t make it to your wedding or live far away. A wedding album lets you relive one of your most important days without having to rely on anyone else!

Technology Is Unpredictable And Changes Over Time

When you think about what technology may be like in 10, 15, or 20 years, it’s impossible to predict what your wedding pictures may look like. The pictures on your phone might be outdated and hard to access. What if there are no more printed photos? There are so many unknowns when it comes to technology, which is why a classic wedding album will always be the best way for you and your loved ones to remember your big day.

It’s Priceless

A wedding photographer has found that clients that must leave home due to disasters such as a hurricane or fire, usually pack the wedding album and photos first, since this artefact usually becomes worth more in time. The bride and groom shouldn’t be put off by the high cost when they sign the dotted line because this is one of the few artefacts that will get more valuable with age. Of course you don’t have to go crazy in order to celebrate this special occasion, but if money is tight, a smaller album or a photo box containing just ten favorite images is a decent idea.

It’s an Heirloom

Memories of the wedding day are preserved through the album. This heirloom will be passed down through the generations. Capturing the day in pictures is more than just capturing a few photos; it is about preserving memories for decades to come. But there’s no better way to document it than with a wedding album!


Albums can be added unto any package either on booking or after your wedding date. If you want a tangible, physical memory of your day, then invest in a high-quality album. They can be pricey, but the quality is worth it. Plus, you’ll have something that will last for generations. Quality albums also make great gifts for friends and family and are a beautiful addition to any coffee table.

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