The Week The World Changed!

March 31, 2020

The Week The World Changed!

I meant to write this blog post sooner but the words just didn’t seem to come. We are living through strange times and every day you wake thinking was it just a horrible dream but unfortunately it is not. Covid 19 came like a bolt and overnight my job came to a halt. We can’t go out, weddings can’t take place, family can’t meet up and funerals can’t be attended by family.

Little did I know that my first wedding of 2020 in February would be my last for quite some time but when those weddings come around the celebrations will be even more. Like so many self employed my income vanished overnight and my husband’s place of work closed and of course the worry is real but there is one thing about this virus, we are all in this together.

It is bringing out the best in people, showing us the people who keep the world ticking over! The amazing health service workers, our food suppliers, the emergency services, even the local supermarket. Also the teachers who are still working to give our kids an education remotely. We are talking via the internet to our families more than we ever would have before this all happened, bringing everyone virtually closer together. We are appreciating our freedom and the little things we took for granted a lot more than ever before.

We will get through this by staying at home, keeping safe and staying strong.

Our first week in lockdown was filled with birthday’s, homeschooling, movie watching and Richard cooking.

Jessica turned 11 exactly one week after she finished her final year of primary school. I’m hoping that there will be someway to bring the kids back to school so she can properly finish her final year. On the same day, 26th March, our baby, Joe turned 1!! Oh what it would be to be a baby and not have an idea about what is going on. He was happy playing with his toys, his sisters and eating chocolate cake lol Then on Saturday, it was my birthday! We had another lovely family day, a little walk on the country roads near our home, delicious food cooked by Richard, watching movies and of course some wine!

As long as I have my little family with me, I couldn’t want anything more. I hope you are all well, all keeping safe and remember we will come out the other side stronger than ever before.



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