In The Yellow Field

      Saturday Fun With My Girls

      Today I had a Saturday off! Yes, the first time in ages. Of course, I still have work to do but I decided to take some time off with my family this weekend.

      I like to work quickly, all my weddings up to last weekends are edited so I think some time off is ok.

      Today, it was just me and my little ladies. What do I do? I take them out for a quick photo shoot. A gorgeous day like that and a yellow rapeseed field, how could I not…..

      Everyone else’s kids are so much easier to work with than my own. In this field they gave me approximately 15 minutes! Getting them to hold hands and hug was nearly an impossible task. The joys of being a photographers child and the photographer mummy, who just wants images of her own kids, the way I can get beautiful ones of all the families I work with lol

      Hope you have a fantastic bank holiday weekend.

      Love Melissa x

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