How To Get Married Outdoors In Northern Ireland

How To Get Married Outdoors In Northern Ireland

Weddings are certainly looking a little different in 2020 but you can still get married!!! As of Monday 8th June you can now have a small wedding outdoors with up to 10 people. So what does this really mean and how realistic is the possibility?

Let’s Talk Numbers!

At present you can have 10 people at your wedding, however the NI direct website says:

  1. can take place indoors in a place of worship if one of the parties is terminally ill, with 10 people in attendance – this includes the couple, two witnesses and the officiant (the two metre social distancing rules must be adhered to)
  2. can take place outdoors with 10 people in attendance  – this includes the couple, two witnesses and the officiant (the two metres social distancing rules must be adhered to).

Now you will definitely want your beautiful wedding to be captured by your photographer and perhaps filmed to show friends & family who can’t attend later that would mean you could then have have 3/4 additional guests, on top of your witnesses, depending if you have both photo and film.

It’s super hard to cut down a guest list, but people will understand and you could arrange a huge party when it is allowed (getting to wear your dress twice would be a bonus). Guests could also watch via zoom, facebook live, insta etc

Can you get Married outdoors in Northern Ireland?

Yes! You can! But it where will depend on what type of service you choose.

If you are having a civil or humanist wedding in Northern Ireland, to get married outdoors the venue needs to have a special license from the council. Couples will need to contact the registration office in the district in which the marriage is to take place in order to discuss the location for the marriage and the action that may be required (two metre social distancing rules must be adhered to). You can find a list of all approved venues here not all will offer outdoor ceremonies.

I have to say here that I can highly recommend Stewart Holden Humanist Celebrant for your wedding day. He was our celebrant last year and really took time to get to know us and make our ceremony so special! He went above and beyond, all our guest said it was the best wedding ceremony they have ever been too! The ceremony focus on you as a couple and your journey and I highly recommend it. We had such a special day.

Venues That I Know Offer Outdoor Ceremonies there is so much choice!! (please note these are all council approved licensed venues but double check with venue or council if available for outdoor use) Click on venue to view!

If you are having a religious ceremony in Northern Ireland, you can get married anywhere the officiant agrees to. I mean anywhere! On a beach, on top of a mountain, in your parents backyard the choice is endless!

Will A Small Outdoor Wedding Feel As Special?

I believe it will feel even more so! More intimate and romantic when it’s just about the two of you becoming husband and wife. Focusing on your future together.

When we get through the C- word then you can party again with all your friends & family. It will be truly amazing to get all dressed up again and have a huge celebration! But you will have already done the main part and can relax and enjoy the day with everyone celebrating your love!

The Legal Bit

In Northern Ireland you are required to give at least 28 days notice to get married (this is 3 months in Republic of Ireland). This must be given at the council district in which you are getting married. Currently there is a backlog so do it as soon as possible.

You can download Marriage Notice Form here.

Special Photography Packages

If you are planning a small wedding please get in touch as I have available in the coming months. I can offer a bespoke hourly rate package to ensure you get fabulous images of your gorgoues wedding day!



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