My Guide For The Best Wedding Photographs

Guide To Getting The Best Ever Wedding Photographs

So the big day is getting closer, all your planning is coming together so you want to remember your day in amazing images to look back on for years to come. I want you to have the best wedding pictures ever and with my handy tips your day will run so smoothly.

Planning Your Morning Prep

This is such an important part of the planning. I will arrive at the location you are getting ready approximately two hours before your service. Your hair and make up will start a lot earlier than me but no one wants images with no make up on. I know I wouldn’t.

Have a schedule for hair and make-up so everyone is finished on time. Please note the bride should NOT go last in case there are delays across the morning. The person who is helping the bride should also go somewhere in the middle.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP :- I advise that you all be dresses at least 45 minutes before the service but especially the bride. This will enable me to get 15-20 minutes with you in your dresses before I leave to get images of the groom and his family. Also factor in the time I have to travel to the church or service venue in this. Then you can relax, have some family time and maybe a little drink before you head off to become a wife!

Take The Wedding Dress Out Of The Bag

A lot of the time I arrive and the wedding dress is still in the bag on the morning of the wedding. This can result in the dress being creased at the end and around the front in places which won’t look good in your pictures or walking down the aisle! Valuable time is taken by blow drying the creases out.

So the night before take the dress out of the bag and let the creases fall out naturally. NEVER USE AN IRON ON A WEDDING DRESS, a hairdryer will do a good job if required.

The Dress!!

Get a nice hanger! Don’t have your dress on a wire hanger or one that doesn’t swivel around at the top. Think about your dress beautifully draped on a door frame hanging on a beautiful wooden hanger or fabric covered one. You can find these online in a variety of places including Esty.

Any accessories that are part of your bridal look should also be with your dress so I know what to photograph without interfering with your preparations. Veils should also be hanging somewhere to ensure no creases.

Guests Do NOT Step Into The Aisle

Before the ceremony begins, ask the celebrant to tell guests NOT to step into the aisle when the bride or the groom are being walked up it. It happens so often now with everyone trying to get that shot on there smart phone but this can really ruin one of the most important shots of the day for you.


It is important to check with your celebrant if they have any restrictions in regards to photographs and video being shot during your vows. There have been a few occasions when I have been told by celebrants, ministers and/or priests that I am not allowed to take any photographs during the service at all. This can of course be very disappointing if you do not know the rules of the house before your day.

I always introduce myself once I arrive at the ceremony venue to whoever is conducting the service. I assure them that I do not get in the way, I stay back and only use natural light. It is best if the couple can reassure them of this before the wedding day and inform me of restrictions beforehand.

The Bridal Shoot

When you arrive at your venue or location choice for your photo shoot I will try and take you straight off for photographs. If you go into the venue you could get delayed by guests looking to congratulate you again. This will eat into the time for your photographs and the light on the day.

I normally get the bridal party all together first and once finished the group shots send the bridal party in so I’m left with just the bride and groom. It’s easier to feel comfortable when it’s just us for those beautiful couple portraits. Members of the bridal party can be organising family members at this time.

Sometimes the order can be reversed depending on arrival times at venue, I’m pretty easy going as any of my couples will tell you. I also like to work quickly and try to get the bridal shoot completed within an hour max as you really do want to enjoy the day with your guests too, not just be “posing” for me.

Stay Together For Family Photos

On the day family photos are the part that can take the longest, this is why I leave family portraits to after the bridal shoot is finished.

Organisation is the KEY to make them run smoothly. If all family/bridal party congregate at a designated spot for family photographs they can be taken easily and quickly. I advise to nominate two members of the bridal party preferably one of each side of the family who can help gather family members up, as they know who they are looking for and as they will be a bridal party member carry an air of authority to the day.

The family photographs that I would normally shoot include the couple with parents, then with parents & siblings and then parents with siblings and their partners, then adding in any kids on each side. I like to choose one location for this so it works quickly for you to be able to go and have time with your guests. If there are any other family members (grandparents etc) you would like included in the family photographs please let me know.

Don’t Stress About Little Things

Something will always go wrong but remember the only person who will know is the bride/groom and the immediate people around them. Don’t let it take over. You want to relax and enjoy the day, not be tense or stressed as it will reflect in your photographs. You’ll laugh it off the next day and regret you let it ruin your day.

Enjoy Every Minute

It’s true what everyone will be telling you, the day does go so so quickly. Make sure you take 20 minutes before dinner with your new husband or wife. If all goes to plan I will have all your photos taken by then and you can relax while everyone is called into dinner. While you will always have your photographs to remember the day by, taking time together to just take in the fact that you are now married is so important too!!

I hope you have found this blog a little helpful for tips on your day. Following this advice will help to make your day run smoothly and you have the best photographs EVER.

Love Melissa x

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