So thankful you are here!

Hi, I’m melissa!

I'm a thirty-something wife to Richard and Mummy to two girls & a little boy! We live in County Armagh, apple county and enjoy lots of family adventures together.

My passion for freezing memories and capturing beautiful moments of your story. I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years now. Every day I feel so blessed that turned my hobby into my career and every day is different, getting to meet amazing people along my journey.

When I'm not working, I love cosy nights in or days out with my family and a glass or two of wine.

I’m a huge Disney fan, a big kid at heart and love a good Disney movie with my girls. Even now there is just something about hearing a Disney song that gives me butterflies, the lyrics of these songs have so much meaning. And yes, I do believe that if you "wish upon a star, your dreams can come true" and everyone can have that happily ever after.

All Your Dreams Can Come True,

If You Have The Courage To Pursue Them

I started working life as

I’m Obsessed With

an estate agent

Diet Coke!

My Favorite Person is

Nothing makes me happier than

seeing my kids smile

my husband!

perfect day off

I Started This Business

at the age of 27

with my family & maybe a glass of wine or two!

Some Fun Facts

My perfect hobby

it honestly is photography

unless eating is a hobby!

have a great family session with these tips

All the fun with your families & mine

making memories & having fun

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