Heart & Soul

“What equipment do you use? I use my eyes, heart & soul”

My Heart & Soul truly lies in photography. I love my Getting To Know You Sessions! They are such a fun way to help my couples relax about getting their photographs taken on their big day.

In Northern Ireland we are so blessed to have natural beauty all around us. As a photographer I can see beauty in most places, even if you think it isn’t that picturesque, there is beauty to be found. When you are choosing the location for your Getting To Know You Session, think of somewhere that means something to you both as a couple. The place you first met, first went for a walk, where the proposal happened, even your favourite coffee shop. This will make the session personal to you. I don’t mind travelling to locations, I want you to enjoy the whole experience from start to finish.

As a photographer, I am always wanting to learn. Before photography was my business, it was my hobby and the passion I had is still with me today. I just get to all it a job now! On Tuesday I attended the most amazing workshop with Rob Dight of Epic Love Photography. What an amazing day we had of learning, chatting, laughing and shooting! Just check out the shoot below…

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