Why have a Pre-Wedding / Getting To Know You Session?

March 22, 2018

Why Every Couple Needs a Getting To Know You / Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

There are so many reasons why it’s important to have a Getting to Know You Session which is why I include them with all my wedding bookings. For couples who had never been photographed by a professional photographer before, this is something that must be considered and utilised. Every couple that has had a Getting to Know you session have come away feeling more at ease about the photos on their wedding day.

Here is why Getting To Know You Sessions are such an important part of your wedding preparations..

1. It establishes a comfortable connection between you and Me, your photographer.

Establishing a good relationship long before the actual day of the wedding day makes a lot of difference in the outcome of your wedding day photos. Let me notice your personality, natural behaviour, and chemistry with your fiancé by utilising the pre-wedding photo shoot of your photography package. This allows me to discover your best angles and true character enabling me to capture images of you on your wedding day that are unique and outstanding.

2. It gives you meaningful remembrance of a remarkable place in your life.

Having your pre-wedding photos taken at a location that is both meaningful to you and your fiancé creates a more meaningful shoot. Have your shoot in the place where you got engaged, had your first date, or somewhere you like to visit together.

3.You can tell me which shots and angles to concentrate on.

Another great benefit of having a pre-wed photo shoot is that you can let me know in advance of the angles you wish to concentrate and avoid on photos.

4. You get to know better my workmanship and personality.

The most important benefit that pre-wedding shoots can provide is, that you get a chance to know me a little better. You’ll be able to see my quality of work and attitude towards dealing with clients. Once you see the results of your photo shoot, you’ll know exactly what to expect from your wedding day photography.

5. It lets you include the photos in your wedding stationery.

Once you have your pre-wedding photographs, the more choices you will have for your wedding stationery. You can include it on your invitations, place cards, and favours. You can also send some copies to friends and relatives who can’t make it to your wedding. You will get all your images on an online web gallery to download and use as you chose.

Some Important Tips for a Successful Getting To Know You Session

The next thing to do is to make sure that your photo shoot is a success. Some important matters, such as the location of the shoot and outfit to wear, needs to be dealt with in advance. To ensure successful pre-wedding photo shoot, here are some of the important things to consider.


The choice of location doesn’t have to be confusing. Consider the places that are meaningful to you and your fiancé, such as the place where you first met or the place you often visit. Also, consider the style of the location. A good choice of environment makes the photos look exquisite and more dramatic. The more adventurous the better, just don’t have me hiking Slieve Donard lol

What To Wear

Choose an outfit that looks good on you and coordinates with your chosen environment. Picking the right colours of your clothing will also help to make you stand out from the background. As much as possible, wear solid colours and avoid trendy outfits as they will outdate your photos when the trend goes out of style. Printed and patterned outfits tend to attract attention away from the face which is what we don’t want while trying to convey the emotion of the event. Most importantly feel comfortable and be yourself.


How far in advance should you have your engagement photos taken? There is no time limit for this. You can have it as soon as you get engaged, or a two to three weeks before the wedding day.

How Long Does It Take

Getting to Know You Sessions last between 45 min to an hour and couples are always shocked about how many beautiful images they receive in that space of time.

Hair and Makeup

Never do anything drastic to your hair and makeup for your wedding photo session. I love to see long hair down and blowing in the wind. Keeping false tan to a minimal is definitely recommended. Show your natural beauty.  You want your photos to reflect who you really are, and you want to look and feel comfortable with your own skin. Your love and chemistry with your soon-to-be-husband will come out naturally if you’re just being yourself.

Long after your wedding day, you will have your images to look back on and reminisce, your photographs will not fade even if the memories do. Sparing some time for your Getting To Know You Session will make your wedding photo collection priceless in the many years to come.

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