Making Memories


      I am so pleased that you are interested in my family photography services and I want to take this time to thank you.

      To me family is the most important thing to have. As a Mummy myself of two amazingly bonkers little ladies and a new baby boy, I know how quickly kids grow up. I want to freeze that time for you, when they would still sit on your lap and hold you tightly.

      Being a lifestyle photographer, I will allow moments happen naturally while directing that moment to give you those amazing images. One of the greatest joys that I have is being able to offer you photos that you will cherish, love and treasure for a lifetime.

      The images that I provide to you should bring tears to your eyes, make you smile and tug at the emotions of your heart. They will show you how beautiful your family is. I want to be able to give you photos of your children that make time stop for just a second or two. Capturing the looks that your children give to you that make you lose your breath and think that life is magical.

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      “We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” ~ Winnie The Pooh

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