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      "The Dream That You Wish Can Come True"
      About Melissa

      “Who Am I?…..

      I am a girl who loves her Island, I am a girl who loves the sea, it calls me…”

      Any Disney fans like me will know that is a Moana quote but it is also a good summary of me! Being by the sea and listening to the ocean is my happy place, a place to think and refresh.

      I love this little island that I get to call home. I have lived in Northern Ireland all my life. Being a photographer really opens your eyes to the beautiful country we live in. Every country lane, forest, beach or mountain area has become my studio and is ever changing with the seasons. We truly are lucky to live in “our wee country”.

      I’m a thirty-something wife and Mummy of two little ladies and a little baby boy! We live in County Armagh, apple county and enjoy lots of family adventures together.

      image credit to KLJ Photography

      I have a passion for freezing memories and capturing beautiful moments of your story. I have been a professional photographer for over 7 years now and I feel so blessed. I turned my hobby into my career and every day is different, getting to meet amazing people along my journey.

      I am a bit of a “home-bird”  but I still love to travel though. I have been to quite a few different places like France, Spain, Portugal, Florida, Cyprus, Amsterdam to name a few but I still have a huge list of places I would love to visit.

      I love food!!! Who doesn’t right?! I will try just about anything at least once! I am very lucky that my hubby is amazing in the kitchen as I’m really not a great cook, so I am a little bit spoilt when it comes to meal times lol

      When I’m not working, I love cosy nights in or days out with my family and a glass or two of Rose wine.

      As I’m sure you have guessed I’m a huge Disney fan, a big kid at heart and love a good Disney movie with my girls. Even now there is just something about hearing a Disney song that gives me butterflies, the lyrics of these songs have so much meaning. And yes, I do believe that if you “wish upon a star, your dreams can come true” and everyone can have that happily ever after.

      In my journal you will find little stories of my life with my family and about my working mummy life which I hope you will enjoy. I believe that you should really know the photographer you work with and I see my clients as friends. So I can not wait to meet you and start an amazing journey together.

      Life Is Just One Big Adventure….

      Love Melissa x

      All Our Dreams Can Come True, If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them

      ~ Walt Disney

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