What could be better than a snow day? A snow day with your kids!

      It’s funny as Holly isn’t a big fan of the cold. She only went out in the snow for this shoot as I was with her. When she got out she loved every minute, especially throwing snowballs at her sister. Jessica on the other hand loves to be outside. Give Jessica a choice and she would always choose to go out and play. She reminds me of my sister, Danielle, in this way. Danielle was always outside, happiest when she was with our Granda in the garden and Jessica is very much the same. In saying that with the invention of digital devices it can sometimes get in the way of the real childhood we once knew.When I was a child we played outside, went on adventures and played with toys. These days kids spend so much time in front of screens. It makes me sad that kids today are missing out on the type of childhood we had. Even the television programmes are different, Fraggle Rock, The Raggy Dolls (if you’re an 80s child you will be singing the songs in your head lol) and others like this, have been replaced by mini pre teen dramas talking about boys and issues I believe for an 8 & 6 year old are far too advanced. My girls will ask me questions about things that I would never have dreamt about asking my parents at their age. I wouldn’t have even knew to ask. So it brings the question? Is the digital age making our kids grow up too fast?

      I have parental controls on all devices the girls use and they only get a limited time. You can’t protect them everywhere though. In the school playground the chat seems to have got older. It is hard for us parents too. If you don’t give your child a smart device of some sort then they get left behind, so what do you do? As parents we need to be aware of the dangers and limit their time. Check what they are watching on Youtube etc and just do are best, that’s all anyone can do.

      I make it my aim to get the girls out and about as much as possible. My wedding season kicks in next month and is crazy busy (thank you) right until the very last day of the year!

      So today my partner took the day off work and we took the girls to We Are Vertigo. The girls decided to do the Adventure park section as they had been trampolining before. They loved every minute of this experience. There was so much for them to do. The highlight was the suspended walkway. The girls got into a harness and given an attachment to go around a walkway suspended high above the floor. Jessica also loved the climbing wall while Holly loved the soft playground area. There was definitely enough to keep them busy for the two hour time limit. I would highly recommend this experience for families. I just wish I’d brought my camera lolWe Are Vertigo is also home to Northern Ireland’s only indoor ski centre with the very best in hi-tech slopes. Where you can learn to ski or snowboard which would be a great place to practise if considering a skiing holiday. Northern Ireland really does have a whole host of amazing places for a great family day out.
      If you have been anywhere that you would recommend for a family day out, please let me know. We love getting out and exploring our little country.

      Every weekend we plan to go somewhere different if possible. Usually a Sunday, especially when wedding season starts. I have fond memories of me and my sisters going on road trips every Sunday with our parents. We have seen just about everywhere in Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland too. Our parents loved showing us everywhere and we always love a crisp sandwich picnic lol

      These are the types of memories I want my girls to grow up with. They won’t be small for long, time goes to quick and before you know it they won’t want to be spending time with us. I plan to make the most of the days when they are small and leave the devices at home.

      And here is hoping that we don’t get too many more Snow Days! I like the heat lol

      Have a great weekend.

      Love Melissa xx

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