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March 30, 2018

Bridal Party Tips

The day has come; your sister, brother or friend has got engaged and has asked you to be part of their bridal party. You are all excited for the planning, the day and for the bride and groom. Then you come to realise, “oh no, I have to be in the photographs” but don’t panic it can be fun and I can help.

I have very rarely met someone who likes to have his or her photograph taken. I’ll tell you a secret, neither do I! Yes, we take more photos today on our phones, the invention of the selfie has a lot to answer for lol. Photography has also changed. We may have memories of childhood when the photographer stood everyone in a line and said smile. A bridal shoot with me is very different.

It is a great honour to be asked to be part of a couples special day so embrace it and don’t dread the photo shoot. The couple get some practise before the day on their pre-wedding shoot but you don’t; don’t panic here are a ten helpful hints to make things go a little smoother…

1. Relax

Before posing for portraits, roll your shoulders a few times to release tension. It will make you look at lot more relaxed in the pictures. On the day I will advise you to drop a shoulder, chat to each other, walk towards me, these are all techniques to make you look and feel more comfortable.

2. Details

Don’t ignore the mundane little details that could have a big impact on your photos. For instance: If you’re drinking water while you’re getting ready, a plastic bottle will be in all of your photographs. Instead, be sure to have a nice drinking glass, so it adds to the image rather than providing a distraction. I will advise you on the day on small details such as how to hold your flowers. I don’t fuss too much though, the less I fuss the more natural and relaxed you will be.

3. Winter Weddings

I know it is cold but when a couple is choosing the venue, the location is a big factor. So if the wedding is in winter or even, anytime of year really, bring a jacket, a throw or something to throw over your shoulders to keep warm in between shots.

4. One for the girls

Some cosmetic touches can actually backfire when it comes to looking more photogenic. Although you might feel more beautiful when bronzed, cameras tend to go a bit crazy when picking up yellows and oranges. Even if you look merely sun-kissed in real life, you might look closer to carrot-hued in the photos. This is especially true if others in the photos with you haven’t kept up with the same sunshine/spray tan/bronzer routine.

Similarly, glitter and other luminescent lotions can end up looking like sweat, not sparkle, in pics. Plus, they tend to rub off on everyone you hug…say, a groom wearing a suit

5. Avoiding the Double Chin

Trust me, double chins can plague even the slimmest of women in pictures. To avoid it, elongate your neck by moving your head forward slightly and lift up your chin. Another tip: Try touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth right behind your front teeth. Just be sure not to tense up too much.

6. Sleek Arms

The majority of wedding dresses (for both the bride and guests!) are sleeveless, which means you may be tempted to keep your arms close to your body or clasp them behind your back to camouflage underarm jiggle. This can actually make your arms look bigger and your shoulders broader. Instead, try lifting your arms out to the sides, just far enough to give the biceps and triceps breathing room.

7. The Beauty of Laughing

On a wedding day, I have many ways to get everyone laughing, silly little tricks and saying ridiculous things. Hey, I don’t mind if your laughing at me as fake smiles are not flattering. But if you feel you need to loosen up for a photo, let out a forced “Ha! Ha!” And then do it again. And again. The ridiculousness of it will make you and everybody else laugh for real. And that photo will be a keeper.

8. Stand up straight.

When you’re feeling self-conscious, you may be inclined to shrink into yourself. But slouching won’t do you any favours, so try to rock the good posture instead. Remember: You can still be relaxed while maintaining good posture, so don’t forget to take a few deep breaths and let the tension out of your neck, shoulders and jaw. And just relax.

9. Watch Your Drink

This should go without saying, but just in case, here goes: You know that you’ll be in a lot of photos over the course of the wedding day, so go easy on the alcohol, i’m not saying not to crack out the bubbles but in moderation. The last thing you want is to look as boozy as you feel

10. Be Yourself

Most importantly enjoy the day and be you. That is why you have been chosen to be part of the couple’s day because they love you for just being you.

On the day I will ask for 20-30 minutes of your time and trust me, I promise we will have fun. You will come away wondering why you were worried about this section of the day. I love having the craic with bridal parties, the day should be remembered as the day you celebrated with an amazing couple and the fun you all had. My aim on the day is to have images to look back on a reflect that, joy, fun, love and laughter.

Hope this helps, you feel more confident about having the honour of a bridal party member.

Love Melissa x



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